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  1. Customer care is exceptional, there's so much care taken with the packages & the scents are great!
    I highly recommend a fragrance profile so you can find out what you like. Laura spent about half an hour chatting to me & then sorted through my answers & posted out a sniff test pack with some mini samples in. I was only expecting a couple of testers but there's about 20!
    I've got to say, it was well worth the money & now my missus & kids know what I like so they can go to my own page on Laura's site & order something they know I'll appreciate & it's still a surprise for me.
    My favourites are monkey farts, mandarin tiki & the mr darcey range but the curve ball scent was new home & I've got to say, I really like it even though I wasn't expecting to.
    The missus is getting a fragrance profile for her birthday, so are my mum & sisters!

    Wow! Thanks for such a fantastic review Alfie!
    It was lovely chatting to you & finding out your favourite scents. I'm so glad you loved my recommendations & your profile pack. Can't wait to chat to your lovely wife, mum & sisters too.

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  2. Monkey Farts melt!!! Amazing smell for having such a name. Black Rasp and Vanilla....i wasnt sure if i'd like this one as not overly keen on vanilla but its lovely. Definetly more rasp. Favourite so far though is Angels..lemon, raspberry, melon and blackcurrant, you can actually pick up on every different scent. Lovely.

    Hahaha monkey farts really is nicer than it sounds.
    After our chat the other night, I had a funny feeling you'd favour Angels
    I'm glad your parcel arrived in one piece & that you're a happy bunny.

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  3. I love the rhubarb and custard sweet melts. They are really nice and smell like my mums rhubarb crumble

    Thank you Caitlin, I'm really glad you like the rhubarb and custard wax melts, they do smell good.

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  4. I love my darceys candles & melts from Laura. They do take a while to arrive because they're hand made but they are well worth the wait!
    They last such a long time and the scents are the best I've ever tried.
    My house smells gorgeous!
    My favourite at the minute is black raspberry and vanilla but monkey farts are a close second.
    I'm really glad I spoke to Laura and she helped me to decide what I should try first because there really is so much choice.

    Thank you so much Glenda for your wonderful review, I really do appreciate it & I'm so happy that you love Darceys products as much as I do.

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